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We offer summer & fall select travel teams


Our program isn't new to Eastern Washington but our team was in the summer of 2023! We've been providing high level lacrosse opportunities in the region and in the Tri-cities area for over 10 years. Some of the best players to come out of the area have come from our camps, played on our travel teams, or have taken private lessons from us. We have gotten such a positive response for how we develop players that we wanted to keep that passion going with the a our newly formed select travel team called the Rattlers. 



We are a Select Lacrosse Travel Team Program attracting players from the Central Washington Division areas in the Tri-Cities, Yakima Valley, Hermiston, Walla Walla, Spokane, and Wenatchee. After several months of careful planning, our non-profit organization decided to expand after local lacrosse coaches and families described the lacrosse opportunities they had available.  Having to drive several hours for high quality coaching or playing on tournament only teams that don't practice, wasn't ideal. Our Director of Operation/Coach Josh Davenport, will be using his over 15 years of playing and coaching experience to coordinate and lead the program. Our coaches are local, highly experienced former players, and mostly coming from within our own program or coaching tree. Our board will oversee alignment and support our charitable foundation and scholarship efforts.



When deciding on a program take a close look at the coaching staff credentials. Understanding their connection to the lacrosse industry to help players/families reach their goals and make sure player goals align with what they offer. If its no more than what your getting from your HS or Club team, consider joining our level of play.  We are offering a comprehensive set of teams and training opportunities that exceed industry standards. All our coaches are back ground checked, US Lacrosse Certified, and are former lacrosse players.


We offer a great opportunity for players to be technically trained in a fun learning environment where we focus on competitive lacrosse philosophies. There is plenty of competition and development opportunities. Our curriculum focuses on player clinic/camps and attending local regional events. We participate in larger Western recruiting events for players at the appropriate age and level of competition. We offer special programs with discounted rates to our families to help keep costs down.


Northwest Sports Association a 501c3 non profit organization.


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