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Roster spots are still available on some teams. 

Roster Spots - HS Elite Team and 3/4 Grade teams 

Teams Offered this Summer

HS Elite 2025/26, HS Select 2026/27, Youth 7th/8th (2028/29), Youth 5th/6th (2030/31), Youth 3rd/4th (2032/33)

(We reserve the right to combine grad years to form teams based on number of players & tournament divisions)

Tryouts are complete for the summer season

Tryout Times:  We offer individual tryouts for the remaining roster spots we have available.  Contact us directly or complete the tryout registration and we will contact you.

Tryout Fee - $20 -LINK BELOW. Please make sure to use PARENT email address when registering/creating LeagueApps​ ​account.

Uniforms - Cost included in the initial fee. Players receive reversible cap sleeve jersey and shorts. 

Swag - Additional apparel is available for purchase. 

(hoodies, sweat pants, gear bags, helmet wraps, hats, etc.).


Initial Payment - An initial payment of $250 is due when accepting position. The fee covers all practice expenses (coaches pay, field rental, goals, ball, first aid) and your 2024 player uniform.

Tournament Payment Plan - Payment can be made in full or you can use the payment plan that includes a convenience fee by LeagueApps. The fee DOES NOT cover travel, lodging, and food. Specific amount depends on the size of roster and the tournament schedule and is not set until teams are totally formed.

It is also confidential and is disclosed to players families at the time of offer.  (Note - NSF for payments through debit cards will trigger a $25 late fee).

Sibling Discount - For those that have multiple players in the program, only ONE initial fee is due.  However, this needs to be taken advantage of upon accepting the roster spot offer by the deadline.


Scholarships - Players in need of financial assistance, that meet the criteria can complete the application process. Please contact us for more information.


Grade/Grad Year Chart (based on 2023/24 school year)

  • 11th Grader - 2025 Grad Year

  • 10th Grader - 2026 Grad Year

  • 9th Grader - 2027 Grad Year

  • 8th Grader - 2028 Grad Year

  • 7th Grader - 2029 Grad Year

  • 6th Grader - 2030 Grad Year

  • 5th Grader - 2031 Grad Year

  • 4rd Grader - 2032 Grad Year

  • 3rd Grader - 2033 Grad Year

  • 2nd Grader - 2034 Grad Year (eligible with special permission)

Participation Policy - Players that join the team must commit to participating in all events and not play for other teams during the season. 

  • If a player has communicated pre-registration that they have a date conflict and we are able to find a Guest Player to fill the roster spot, the Rattlers player will receive a refund for the event equal to the amount paid by the Guest Player.

  • A player must requests Approval to play in another lacrosse event as a guest player, so the situation can be reviewed prior.  This is a policy to ensure it does not have a negative impact on the commitment to our coaches and the other families and teammates.

  • Players must be be paid and up to date and have no outstanding deliquiate payments due to participate in activities or events.  If you have issues making payment please contact us directly so we can discuss.   

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