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Our program will offer summer and fall High School, Youth Teams and a National Team Program for players looking to play out of region competition or to be a college prospects. Having a comprehensive program is so important for player development. Our youth program will include camps and private lesson opportunities as well. We will be competing in local and regional tournaments each season. Select players will be offered the opportunity to play at the national recruiting tournaments we offer where prospect scouts will be observing and we assist in forming player/university connections. 


Our program is an affiliate program to the Pacific Northwest Select program in Western Washington.​  This creates an opportunity for EWA Rattlers and PNW Select to make offers to selected players from both programs to form a more competitive team and attend larger more competitive events and National Recruiting Tournaments. 


Every players goals are not the same. Some players have the desire and skills to take their game to the next level. Top player in each program will be nominated and invited to participate in our national development program. These roster spots will be very competitive and coveted. The players that check all the boxes will get offers and coaches will help everyone understand the program and commitment.  It will not interfere with either programs tournament schedules. This is expected to be a huge draw to players wanting to get this experience and recognition.


This branch of our program includes access to a Player Profile Website to post film and have access to college coaches and visa versa.  We understand athletic and merit scholarship situation, what happens during the four stages of recruitment and how to help players and their families make good decisions. Our connection with college coaches and recruiters is well over 100 schools and we offer a "How to understand and become a Collegiate Prospect" player/parent seminar and it is a real eye opener for our families. 

*If players are interested, they can inquire, or the coach will nominate them. Either way there is a vetting process for selection.

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